Advancement to Asia.About big transport vehicles “live-fish containers” and future plans.

We realized that world people want to eat safe and tasty Japanese food.

We can propose various projects that show the beauty of Japanese food to the world.

We have been increasing our trading partners. There are limitless possibilities in the world.

Nonstop advancement to Asia!

We want the world to enjoy delicious Japanese fish. We are participating various seminars and business discussions held in Asia and our trade in Asia has been increasing.

Seafood consumption of the world

We have been making many efforts to deliver delicious Japanese fish. Unfortunately, seafood consumption in Japan has been decreasing and that of other nations, on the other hand, has been increasing.

There are many nations in the world that are running “Let’s eat fish” campaigns to promote healthy life.

changes of annual fish consumption of the world

the spread of Japanese food from Osaka to Asia

Live-fish containers
(big transport vehicles)

4 original containers!

Our original containers, called “Manboh containers” were made by remodeling reefer containers and can transport live-fish. We have 4 containers (2 short types and 2 long types) .They conform to the international standard, so we can transport them all over the world by connecting them to chassis.

Water plants in containers!

We have several water plants in a container; 8 water plants in a long-container and 4 in a short one. We can transport 4~6 tons of fish and temperature of plants is adjustable.

Export and import of delicious fish!

Fish transported under the best condition where temperature and water current are delicately controlled must be delicious! If we transport many fish at once, they feel much stress. The volume of a water plants in our long container is 3.2t and that of short one is 4t. How about tasting our delicious fish transported with such a big water plant?

Our passion for food

A living standard of the Southeast Asia has been increasing

In Southeast Asia, Japanese food was regarded as luxury and people ate them once in a year. But now, not only the rich but also ordinary people are enjoying them once in a month partly because their living standard has been increasing. HIRO lnc. is going to provide safe and delicious food to nations of the ASEAN and other Asian nations.

Vegetables, fruit and beef as well as fish

If we can export various Japanese food stuffs at once, our clients will be satisfied. HIRO has great staffs who have an excellent eye for each food stuff.
Japan has 4 seasons and each region has original culture and way to eat.
Seasonal food is delicious and cheap because we can have a plenty of it in the season. However, people living a nation which doesn’t have seasonal changes can hardly understand what we take for granted----delicious seasonal food that changes with seasons. It is our mission to tell the world about that sense.

Japanese food consumption of Japanese has been decreasing

Annual Japanese food consumption of Japanese has been decreasing and the decline in fish consumption is remarkable. The population in Japan has been also declining. Other nations, on the other hand, are starting many projects to promote fish consumption. This is because they realize Japanese long life-expectancy and the importance of fish consumption for their health. It is irony that some projects are promoting salmon. Anyway, annual fish consumption in Asia and Europe has been increasing and their population has too. That is way the key to our success is to expand our business to the world.

“The next plan for the advancement to Asia”  by Rituko Hayashi, the head director, trade-development team

The reason why I started export-business is that I hope the world enjoys delicious Japanese fish.

When I looked for it on a search engine, I found the article that said; maid -in-Japan products such as Anime and traditional culture are gaining much trust. Let’s start export-business!

Also, I saw hundreds of thousands of airplanes from my office and entertain the idea of transporting Japanese products with them.

That is why, I participated in food-export seminars and the ALL KASAI fair held at ISETAN Thailand in Bankok. What I learned from them is that there is no difference in Business styles between japan and overseas.

The TTP agreement will enable us to export our products to Asian nations as easily as we do it domestically right now. I feel from my own experience, not from secondhand information, that delicious Japanese food will be accepted by the world and the demand for them will increase.

I’d like to export Japanese food to the world continuously. There are a lot of companies that are exporting their products overseas. I can imagine that a novice like us will face a lot of disadvantages in terms of costs.

In order to prevent this, it is important for us to collect many products and export them. By collecting a lot of vegetable, fruit and fish, we can reduce the cost for transportation and expand our export-business.

We invited other companies that are planning export-business and launched a cooperative called the promotion of Kansai, food and export. I believe that our efforts will send the world our passion for transportation and quality products.

academic and work history

April, 2008~
April, 2000~May, 2008
Official post; area manager
Graduating from Kinki university graduate school of fisheries
Master’s degree of Agriculture
Graduating from Kinki University
Graduating from prefectural Sumiyoshi high school