4 distinctive features of HIRO!

we give no stress to fish

4 staffs swiftly and carefully weigh fish so they feel no stress. We have special fish cars that show our love to fish.

selected fish-reserves & water quality!!

We pay utmost attention to temperature, water amount, the density of fish, the shapes of fish-reserves and water quality. You can see our love to fish here!

20minutes from the Kansai airport! Direct shipment to the world!

Our location enables us to swiftly deliver our products to Osaka and the world. This location choice clearly shows our great love for fish!

quick work keeps fish fresh!

We swiftly put fish down and cool them in ice water after taking out their nerves. This treatment allows us to deliver fresh fish to you.

Our superiority to other companies

a time graph from breeding to our clients.

time graph from breeding to clients

About the graph

Companies in Tokyo spend much more time doing everything than we do. Companies in Fukuoka, on the other hand, waste much time when transshipping at Jinkawa and their products lose freshness because of their locations for slaughter. We are proud of the fact that we are located near the Kansai airport, which enables us to deliver fresh fish to you.

Advancement to Asia!

We are expanding our business into the world, mainly the Southeast Asia. This is because we’d like for the world to know and enjoy the beauty of Japanese fish. Our sincere attitude toward fish is highly recognized and we are receiving an increasing number of business deals from Asian companies.

Regular business trips to the Asia

Our staffs are going on business trips to Asian nations every month. They are having meetings with buyers there and spreading the goodness of Japanese fish.