TreatmentQuick work keeps fish fresh!

We move 4-kilogramme fish in a very discreet manner.

slaughter→cutting gills→cutting tails→extracting nerves→cooling. Team work really matters in this process.

We do measurement every 3~5 fish. We adjust the temperature of ice water.

The image of how to
strangle fish

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How to strangle.

Picking fish up!

It is hard to pick up fish because it weighs 2 to 3 kilograms and moves violently. We need not only power but also the ability to grasp the movement of fish to quickly do this work.

Quick strangling

Fish picked up from reserves struggle violently just as we do in the water. This promotes the creation of lactic acid and make the taste of fish bad. To prevent this, we quickly strangle fish.

Cutting gills and extracting blood

We cut gills at one go and extract blood. If we cut the wrong place, blood remains in fish body, which affects the taste of fish.

Cutting tails to extract nerves

We cut one side of a tail because some clients use it. We never cut the entire tail.

Extracting nerves with the air

We blow air parallel to the marrow and extract nerves. By doing so, we can slow the pace of postmortem rigidity.


We put fish in ice water for 30 minutes while extracting blood so they cool down thoroughly.

Measurement and temperature control

We do measurement every 5 fish and write the condition of them to special sheets. In order to keep freshness, we measure the temperature of ice water every 5 minutes and adjust it by adding ice.

an illustration of how to treat a young yellowtail

Beating it to death

Cutting its gill

Cutting its tail

Extracting its nerve