TransportationWe give no stress to fish!
We pay utmost attention to driving!

4 staffs carefully weigh fish so it feel no stress. We are doing careful and diligent work!

We can swiftly move fish from reserves into fish-cars.

We can increase efficiency because fish-cars have the same height as the center.


BreedingWe pay attention to water temperature, oxygen level and the color of reserves!
The best condition for fish!

Globefish are so nervous that they bite each other if they feel stress.

Flatfish are living in soil. That is why we use brownish reserves for them.

We can tell when and what abalone eat from watching their color.


Location20 minutes from the Kasai airport!
Direct shipping to Osaka!

Kanku has a lot of direct flights, which means it is suited to export business.

Underground water has great quality.

It is our merit to have direct transportation!


TreatmentQuick work keeps fish fresh!

We move 4-kilogramme fish in a very discreet manner.

slaughter→cutting gills→cutting tails→extracting nerves→cooling. Team work really matters in this process.

We do measurement every 3~5 fish. We adjust the temperature of ice water.