TransportationWe give no stress to fish!
We pay utmost attention to driving!

4 staffs carefully weigh fish so it feel no stress. We are doing careful and diligent work!

We can swiftly move fish from reserves into fish-cars.

We can increase efficiency because fish-cars have the same height as the center.

From fish-reserves to fish-cars

Water plants in fish-cars!

Before moving fish, we put a plenty of clean water in fish-cars. We have great confidence in the quality of water! (Access to the detailed information from a “location” page)

delicate measurement!
Switching fish to a new container

We weigh fish after moving them into another containers. If we increase the time for fish to be exposed to the air, this would cause much stress to them. Our effort enables them to spend much time in water.

Swift measurement and recording!

If we take time to measure fish, they feel much stress and their taste will deteriorate.We weigh fish with sophisticated team work.

After measurement, we swiftly move fish into fish-cars!

We carefully move fish into water plants of fish cars, which are placed near the center

Water plants are well-lighted!

Our fish cars are well-lighted so fish feel no stress. The environmental difference between fish-reserves and fish-cars often causes stress to fish and this makes the taste of fish bad. We wait for 3~4 hours so fish feel comfortable to the new environment.

Careful driving for fish!

Our delivery men are prohibited to make sudden starts and brakes to prevent stress to fish. Under this restraint, ordinary people would make strange driving but our delivery men have a sophisticated driving technique!

Great affection to fish

It is often the case that fish fall into the ground when being moved. We use special tiles to absorb the shock.

By adjusting the height of fish-cars, we can efficiently move fish.

We have nets to prevent the falling of fish while movement.

We never start fish-cars immediately after fish were moved into them in order to prevent the stress to fish.

The center & fish cars

Fish-reserves in the center

We change the color of fish-reserves depending on the kinds of fish. Access to the detailed information from here.

Special tiles

Floors are made from FRP, which absorbs the shocks to fish.

Protective nets between the center and fish-cars

Water plants in a fish car

To maintain brightness, we put lighting in our fish cars.